11 December 2016

DIY: Button Christmas Tree Cards

DIY: Button Christmas Tree Cards

Hi guys! I'm back with another Christmas post! 

This year me and my mum decided that we wanted to make our own Christmas cards, after hours of scrolling the internet for ideas we settled on making these Christmas trees made from buttons.

These were super easy to make so scroll down to see how to do it!

In the video below you can see exactly how I made these cards. You'll need buttons, star sequins, Christmas ribbon and a background to make these.

Instead of making the cards individually we actually made one tree and then photographed it, which we then printed and put onto cards.

You could make a range of trees from this design, we made one out of hearts and then another one out of mismatched green buttons.

The Christmas ribbon we used was from Hobbycraft but any kind of craft store will sell Christmas themed ribbon.

I really hope this post and video gave you some inspiration for Christmas DIYs!

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Comment any Christmas DIY posts you've done this year!


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