12 August 2016

Rooftop Film Club Review | #LazyBlogging August

#LazyBlogging August: Rooftop Film Club Review

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A view of the showing screen at the Rooftop Film Club at the Queen of Hoxton.

On Tuesday 22nd July I went to see the film Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Queen of Hoxton. 

This event was hosted by The Rooftop Film Club who have various locations around London (as well as LA and New York) where you can watch films (classic and modern) in a rooftop setting with the city as your backdrop.

I heard about these film showings through a friend who had been to one. I thought it sounded like a really cool idea so I booked it for my Mum's birthday! 

The Queen of Hoxton is out the back of Liverpool Street station, meaning it has pretty central location. The downstairs of the venue itself is a dimly lit bar with fluorescent lights, ping-pong tables and a classic showing board of what film is on that day above the bar.  We didn't spend anytime in the bar but it looked really cool so I'll certainly be going back at some point soon!

Next to the bar is the 'box office' which consists of a table where a member of staff checks your tickets, gives you your headphones for the showing and if you're lucky like us you might get a free gift too (we got a sample of Aussie's Three Minute Miracle conditioner - which was amazing and some Aussie branded socks)!
After you've climbed, what seemed like a mountain of stairs (definitely don't go to this location if you're disabled as I didn't see a lift anywhere and there's a lot of stairs!) you come to the rooftop.

Rooftop Lights at The Queen of Hoxton

The rooftop was 70's hippie themed, with peace and "Party for peace" signs stuck into the fairy light lit plastic bushes covering the walls. There were flags flying on various parts of the wall as well as lights strung out between metal bars poking out of the roof. 

There was a bar upstairs, in what can only be described as a 'shack-like' structure. The bar also served food such as chips and burgers. Much like the bar, the toilets upstairs were in small, brightly coloured sheds. 

About half an hour before the film started the staff set out directors chairs in rows facing the screen ready for us to sit down and watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. Around the same time they also started making popcorn at the bar!

I had never seen the film before and absolutely loved it! Audrey Hepburn is just stunning and her performance as slightly delusional, deranged and charming Holly Golightly was mesmerising. If you haven't seen this film I would certainly suggest you do!

The weather for us, although not amazing, was absolutely fine. It was a cloudy but warm day and we were provided with blankets as the night turned more chilly. Do be warned though, the film goes a head even if it's raining!

I would really like to go to a Rooftop film again as it was a great and quit experience!

Have any of you ever been to see a rooftop film or something similar? Let me know in the comments down below!

If you're interested in going to see a Rooftop film here is the website I used to book it: http://rooftopfilmclub.com/

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