18 August 2016

Results Day Throwback Playlist | #LazyBlogging August

#LazyBlogging August: Results Day Throwback Playlist

Results Day 2016

Hi guys!

So today is both scary and exciting, for those of you who don't know it is A Level results day in the UK today. This basically means that people up and down the country will be finding out if they have gotten into Uni today!

I'm writing this before I have my results so fingers crossed my exams went well and I get the grades I need for Uni! If I have got the grades then expect lots of Uni themed posts coming your way very soon!

Anyway, I'm hosting a BBQ this evening for all my friends to celebrate the fact that school is finally and officially over! Myself and the majority of my friends have been at our school for 7 years now! This is due to the fact we attended secondary school there as well as the attached sixth form. So I thought it would be a fun idea to create a playlist for the night that was made up of the top hits from the last seven years!

It's quite a mixed bag of songs and you can see how music has evolved over the last seven years. As it's a playlist for a party it's quite long! However, if you're in the same school year as me I think many of the songs from the playlist will bring back memories of your time over the last few years!

I really hope you enjoy this playlist! What were your favourite songs when you were at school?

If you haven't seen my Summer 2016 playlist then make sure you do!

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