1 August 2016

#LazyBlogging: An Introduction

What is the #LazyBlogging project?

Last Monday I joined in the coconut-lane.com twitter chat (#sassybloggers). The chat focused on how you plan blog posts and I ended up talking to two girls, Ella and Jess, about daily blogging. We soon decided that we wanted to give it a go for a month and so #LazyBlogging was formed.


The whole purpose of this project is to inspire positivity in regards to blogging and content creation. As #LazyBloggers ourselves we wanted to create something that would motivate us into putting more time into our blogs and posts.

#LazyBlogging starts today, 1st August, and will last until the end of the month. The concept is that Ella, Jess and myself will take it in turns as to who is posting each day. This way there will be a blog post on one of our blogs everyday for a month.

Ella will be kicking off the month tomorrow over on her blog, www.whimsicella.com, so make sure you follow her to keep up to date with her posts throughout the month! 

I will then be posting on Wednesday, so again make sure you have subscribed and followed all our social media channels (links in side bar) to make sure you never miss a post! You can follow us on bloglovin here!

Jess will then be posting on her blog, www.almostchic.co.uk, on Thursday. So please also follow her blog to make sure you don't miss a post!

Our posts will happen in the rotation above so each of us will be posting every third day.

I'm really excited for this project and I hope you are too! If this month goes well we are thinking of setting up a #LazyBlogging twitter chat so let us know if that is something you would like! We have already created a twitter for it which you can follow here

Thank you for taking the time to read about this project and here's to all the posts the next month will bring! See you on Wednesday!


Don't forget to follow me on social media:

Ella's blog: www.whimsicella.com
Jess' Blog: www.almostchic.co.uk
Our Bloglovin: bloglovin.com/beautifulearful
#LazyBlogging Twitter: twitter.com/lazyblogging

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