6 August 2016

#LazyBlogging August: Summer Loves Playlist

#LazyBlogging August: My Summer 2016 Hits!

Summer Sunset Playlist 2016

Below is a playlist of 20 songs I've been loving so far this summer!

It features The 1975, Fifth Harmony, Calvin Harris, Jessarae and more!

I fell in love with 'She Way Out' by The 1975 as soon as I heard it, I'll admit I'm very late on the bandwagon for this band but the song has such a chilled vibe to it and I really enjoy the tones in the vocals!

I have to mention 'Ontario' by Nina Nesbitt not only because the song itself is amazing, both musically and lyrically, but because of the idea behind it. I've loved Nina Nesbitt for quite a few years now, but the project she is currently working on is perhaps my favourite of all her work so far. The project involves Nina finding out stories from fans around the world about their personal lives and situations they've been through, she is then turning these stories into songs. So far she has done three songs, which are all on her Spotify and SoundCloud. She's still working on this project and is asking people to DM her on Instagram for their stories!

YouTuber and musician Alex G also did a project similar to this a few months ago which you can find under 'Share Your Story' on iTunes. I would really recommend checking out Alex's music too (despite not putting her in this particular playlist!).

Ive also been loving how there are so many covers of old songs on the radio this summer, such as 'Dancing On My Own' by Calum Scott and 'Sex' by Cheat Codes (which I see now I've managed to include twice in the playlist!).

I hope you enjoy my Spotify playlist below, don't forget to follow my Spotify if you do enjoy it as there will be plenty more playlists to come!

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