3 August 2016

#LazyBlogging August: My MAC Lipstick Collection

#LazyBlogging August: My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi guys! This is my first proper blog post of #LazyBlogging August so I hope you're all excited (I know I am)! If you don't know about #LazyBlogging yet then check out my previous post here!

Today I'm going to show you my MAC lipstick collection so far. I've seen quite a few videos with the same title as this post on YouTube and thought I'd transfer the idea to a blog post!

Three Closed MAC Lipsticks

As you can see from the photo above my MAC collection is quite small at the moment as I only have three of their lipsticks to date.

At the moment I have two matte lipsticks and one cremesheen. If you're unaware of how MAC categorise their lipsticks, they have various categories describing the finish of the lipstick all of which are self explanatory.

MAC Whirl, Tropic Tonic + Sweet and Sour

In the photo above you can see the three lipsticks that I own, in  order from left to right they are: Whirl, Tropic Tonic and Sweet and Sour.

When it comes to MAC's Whirl (Matte) I thought I'd escaped the hype as I held off buying it until very recently. However, after watching Tanya Burr's 90's makeup tutorial I knew I had to have it! I ordered this lipstick online and if I'm completely honest it's a lot darker than I expected! Saying this, I still really like the colour and finish but think I'll wait until Autumn to wear it!

MAC Whirl, Tropic Tonic + Sweet and Sour

Tropic Tonic is again a matte. This one is a pale red shade. If you're new to red lipstick I would definitely give this one a try as it's not too scary! I absolutely love this lipstick and tend to wear it on nights out. I also get lots of compliments on my lipstick when I'm wearing this shade!

Much like the products in my Sephora Haul post, this lipstick was again a purchase inspired by a haul Alix from I Covett Thee did a while ago!

Sweet and Sour can only be described as a pale orange. I really love the shade but haven't found much to wear it with yet!

MAC Whirl, Tropic Tonic + Sweet and Sour Swatches

The picture above shows swatches of all three shades. From the top down: Whirl, Tropic Tonic and Sweet and Sour.

A quick note on the matte shades: I found these really comfortable to wear and not too drying, however I am aware that some people find the MAC matte shades extremely drying to wear so do think about that before buying any!

Which are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Do you own any of the three I've shown here? 

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