24 August 2016

How To Get Free Makeup | #LazyBlogging August

How To Get Free Makeup! | 

#LazyBlogging August

Recently I've been the recipient of a few parcels full of free makeup! In this post today I'm going to let you know exactly how I did it. So read on to find out how to bag free makeup quickly and easily!

I'll be honest, I'm somebody who loves a good freebie (who doesn't?!) so when I discovered a few ways to get makeup for free I knew I just had to share them with you!

As you can see from the photo below there are lots of brands that give out freebies, including Benefit, Mac, Chanel and more!

So the first brand I am going to focus on is Mac. I've received free samples from Mac in two ways, the first being by searching for voucher codes when you make a Mac order. They very often have 'free sample' voucher codes. The other week when I ordered some products from them I was given the option to decide between three different products! I went for Prep and Prime, I used this last night (as I am typing this) and really loved it! My foundation went on so much better than usual! So  if you're in the market for a new primer I would really recommend this and I will definitely be buying the full sized once this little one has run out!

The other way I managed to bag myself a free sample from Mac was via their Facebook page. Now this is the part where I'm going to have to back up a little bit! 

I'm not sure if you are aware of this but their are a few websites around that collect all the free things on offer at the moment and put them all in one place for an easy find! This is where I found out that Mac's Facebook page would be giving away free trials of one of their False Lashes Extreme Mascara. It told you what time the freebies would go live so I knew exactly when to be on their Facebook page! They post a link and I filled out my name and address and a few days later the sample was on my doorstep!

In actual fact, this is how I grabbed one of these Chanel mascaras too! However, this one was not via their social media, if I remember correctly it was through part of the Chanel website! 

The website I personally use to scout out freebies is freestuffworld.co.uk. I've used this website for a few months now and have managed to get a few freebies from it, including a social media marketing course I just did! If you know of any other websites that post up freebies then be sure to tell me!

Now, this next one is kind of an obvious way to get free makeup but I thought I'd mention it anyway! I got this Brow, Set, Go setting gel from Marie Claire magazine. This, as you can probably tell from the photos, is the largest of all the free makeup bits I have picked up! I honestly do think it's worth keeping on top of what magazines are giving away as it usually means you can spend £2 for the magazine and the makeup rather than the usual full price of the product!

The final way I have managed to get free makeup is with Feel Unique's new Pick 'n' Mix scheme. This scheme allows you to choose five free samples a month. You do have to pay £3 something for delivery, however this is redeemable against your next purchase! I think this is such a good idea from Feel Unique as usually you have to spend a fair a month of money on makeup websites to be eligible for free samples!

I hope you found this post useful! If you know any other way to get free makeup then please let everyone know in the comments below! Make sure you're caught up on Ella and Jess' posts!

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