10 July 2016

A Gift From No.7

A Gift From No.7

The other week I went into Boots with my mum, she needed to go to pick up some mascara and nail polish. We went to the No.7 counter first and that's where we stayed for the whole of our trip to Boots, this mainly being because if you bought two or more products you got a free gift.

Mum and I decided we would share this free gift and now I'm going to tell you what was in it.

No 7 Gift Box

Firstly, I'd like to point out how nice the packaging of this gift was! I'm a sucker for stripes, especially when they're blue and white!

No 7 Mascara, Lipgloss, Face Cream and Eyeliner

So, the gift contained the No.7 'Extreme Length Waterproof' mascara, the 'Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes' eyeliner in Purple, the 'BB lips Beauty Balm' in Blush Coral and the 'Protect and Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection.'

I'm yet to try the mascara because I've got a few on the go at the moment and don't really want to open another one quite yet! However, I tested the eyeliner the other day and I really like it! It's a very dark purple almost verging on black, it's also very creamy and easy to apply!

No 7 Facial Protection

As for the sun protection and bb lip balm, I think both are amazing ideas! I personally hate putting sun-cream on my face but find the SPF in most moisturisers too low for the summer time, so I can't wait to try this sun protection product out! 

I never think to put SPF on my lips which is why I'm so excited about this bb lip balm as it has SPF 15 in! I honestly think this is such a good idea as the lips is somewhere we definitely forget to protect most of the time!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my gift from No.7, have you ever had a free gift from No.7 or a different brand? If so what did you get?

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