18 May 2016

No Longer Busted

No Longer Busted

 I have a mental list of artists I want to see live and for as long as I can remember Busted have been at the top of that list. Given the band broke up when I was 6 I thought I would never get to see them live, however at the end of last year the band announced they would be reforming and going on tour this year. Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to go to the first show of the 'Pigs Can Fly' tour, Busted's first show in 12 years, at Wembley Arena.

The show's 'Flying Pig'
Busted were supported by Emma Blackery and Wheatus. Wheatus' performance of their hit 'Teenage Dirtbag' was absolutely amazing, perhaps due to this being the first song of the show that everyone in the audience. The band made the audience sing the bridge completely on their own and I have to say it was one of the best moments I have ever experienced at a concert!

Before the show started, the other side of the arena was moving around and pointing a lot. The girls sat next to us checked their phones to see why and told us they thought it was because McFly was in the audience. Obviously I had to check whether that was true or not and as you can see from my picture above it was! I'm not a massive McFly fan, don't get me wrong I do love their music but I only really know their hits, but I thought it was really sweet to see them supporting Busted at their first show!

As expected, the boys played all of their top hits from when they were first together as well as their new single 'Coming Home' along with a couple other new songs that they have written. I was worried I wouldn't like their new music as much as the old songs but honestly the songs they played sounded amazing and I can't wait until they release their new album!

Not only were Busted incredible but so was the audience. Of all the concerts I've been to I would definitely credit this concert with the most high energy audience. You could tell that everyone who was there was absolutely loving it and perhaps the wait of 12 years since they last performed added to the hype.

At one stage of the show, three massive crates were wheeled through the crowd, once they reached the centre stage it  became aparant that the band was in these boxes! When they were on the centre stage they performed one of my favourite songs, 'Meet You There,' which has almost become the theme tune to the their reformation. If you haven't seen their Abbey Road version of the song I highly suggest you do (just click on the 'Abbey Road' link.)

You could tell how happy each of the members was to be back on stage with the band. After the main show was over, the band came back on stage for an encore to play '3am' and what is most likely their biggest hit 'Year 3000.'

If you've been to see Busted tell us how you enjoyed the concert and if you haven't been yet but are going tell us what song you're looking forward to seeing most! My favourite song of the evening was probably 'You Said No.'

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