29 April 2016

The London Nude

The London Nude

I've had the same favourite nude lip combo for a few years now so I thought I would share it with you. Funnily enough, until I came to take the photos for this post I hadn't realised both products were Rimmel London and hence why this post has been titled 'The London Nude' as I thought it was fitting considering as most of the time I am wearing this lip is when I'm in London!

I originally bought these products when I was choosing my make-up for prom and I haven't found another nude lip combination since that beats this one.

Firstly, the lipstick is one from Kate Moss' range in the shade '03.' As you can see from above the shade of this lipstick is a mauve-pink, I think this shade would suit so many skin tones and it's so easy to just put on without too much effort. It wears really well and will normally last for quite a few hours. Unlike other lipsticks I have, it doesn't cling to any dry patches on my lips, which is great! The Kate Moss line certainly has a lot of hype around it and I definitely need to try some other lipsticks from it so recommend your favourites below!

The lip-liner is named 'Eastend Snob.' This liner has got a little more recognition in the last few months from vloggers such as Lucy and Lydia and it certainly deserves it! It definitely has far more pink in than the lipstick does but they are similar  in tone, hence why they work so well together!

Above are swatches of '03' (on top) and 'Eastend Snob.' As you can see they certainly work really well as a pair!  I also find these products really comfortable to wear compared to other lipsticks and liners I have tried.

Considering the price point for these two products I would highly recommend them! I will leave links down below.

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment your go-to nude lip combinations underneath!


P.S. I've just ordered some colourpop products and should get them within the next two weeks so look out for a post on those!
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