10 April 2016

Is It Hot In Here? Or Is It 5 Seconds Of Summer?

Is It Hot In Here? Or Is It 5 Seconds Of Summer?

5 Seconds of Summer played two shows at the London O2 Arena this past week and I was lucky enough to go to both (I accidentally bought two sets of tickets and couldn't sell the second set!). I've been a fan of 5SOS for over three years now and it's amazing to see how far they've come. The first time I ever saw them live was actually at the O2 when they supported One Direction's 'Take Me Home' tour in 2013. Back then I was one of the very few people in the audience singing along to their songs and now the whole arena was singing their lyrics back to them!

The support act for the two shows was a California musician called Jessarae. Having never heard of him before I was pleasantly surprised by the short set he played, as were the two friends I attended the shows with. I would describe his music as pop-rock and would recommend you check him out if you haven't already! Since seeing him, myself and one of my friends have bought tickets to his upcoming UK tour!

Per usual the 5SOS boys were on top form for their London shows and provided fans with a great set of old and new songs. Part of the set includes Michael making up a new song, on the first night the song was called 'Bangers and Mash' and the second night's song was called 'Fish and Chips,' both songs were inspired by London.

One highlight for me was when the boys performed 'Vapor' as it's my favourite song off their album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' (Luke said it was his favourite song the band had ever written) and there's just something so special about hearing your favourite songs live!

It's when you see 5SOS live that you realise just how talented they are as musicians and whilst their albums are amazing they don't do anywhere near enough justice to these four Australian boys. They made sure to show off their musical skills with long guitar and drum sections within their songs. 

I love watching how much these boys enjoy the music they're making as well as how much they enjoy sharing it with their fans.

The above photo shows Michael playing the beginning of the song 'Jet Black Heart.' At this point it was just Michael and his guitar, the way they opened this song was stunning and set shivers down my spine - search it on youtube and I ensure the same will happen to you!

5SOS made sure to turn the house lights up more than once to take a look at their fans. At one stage they read out some posters that people had brought and also pointed out the costumes some fans close to the front had come in.

At many times the boys turned their mics to the crowd and you could see in their faces how amazed they were that 20,000 people were singing the lyrics they wrote back to them.

I had a great two nights seeing 5SOS in London and if you haven't seen them live I really suggest you do. In the last year I have taken two friends who had never been to a concert before to see 5SOS as their first and both really enjoyed the experience!

If you want to take a listen to the set list 5SOS performed check out my spotify playlist below that I made for my friend!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment if you would like similar posts of future concerts I attend!

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